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The Sam Chase & the Untraditional - The Last Rites of Dallas Pistol (CD)


The Sam Chase & The Untraditional are set to release a rock opera entitled ‘The Last Rights of Dallas Pistol.’ Over six years in the making, the crown jewel of the collective’s oeuvre, the 18-song expansive narrative is made up of three dank chapters: Dallas Pistol - The Wolf - The New Devil. Chase explains the Faustian plot-line about a young man named Dallas Pistol, whose father sells his soul to save his son's. The devil gives Dallas the gift of protection in exchange — but as any decent soul-selling story goes, there's a doozy of a twist. “It’s what happens when the deal goes South and the Devil doesn’t know who he’s dealing with,” Chase hints. “As the years go by Dallas greets the Devil with a surprise of his own.”

‘The Last Rights of Dallas Pistol’ is Chase’s fourth official album was produced by Chase and sound engineered by Jay and Ian Pelicci at Oakland, CA’s New Improved Recording, and features players: Sam Chase (vocals, guitars, banjo, chord organ, percussion), Devon McClive (cello, vocals), Nikko Rios (electric guitar, vocals), Liss Leigh (upright bass, vocals), Debbie Neigher (piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals), Ted Desmarais (drums, percussion, vocals), Chandra Johnson (violin, viola, vocals). Guests Joshua James Jackson, Dave Rapa, Justine Leichtling, Benjamin Wilkins, Jon Carr also add to the opera’s blasting anthems and textural richness. Chase crafted most of the songs and had additional content come from Desmarais and McClive.

Early on in the sequence, “Shit from Shinola” kicks off the epic, and expertly lays down details foreshadowing the conflicts and comeuppance ahead. Trace elements of the rock greats like Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen can be heard in the musical DNA as the story-songs roll out, as well as love for Morricone soundscapes. Classic gems like ‘Sgt. Pepper’s,’ ‘Graceland,’ ‘Born in the USA,’ and Rancid’s ‘Out Come the Wolves’ fueled 14-year-old Chase’s strong desire to be alone in his room for a year, playing loud on his guitar, developing his taste for strong coffee and deep song-crafting. He describes the sound he’s worked so hard and long to achieve as “the punk rock river meets the folky ocean.”

“This release is my first jump into storytelling with an entire album,” Chase says, “Nothing on this album is particularly about my experience as Sam Chase. However, I do use my experiences to construct these characters. It tells a story, the image of an imaginary lawless human hellscape, where music, honor, and purpose reigns supreme, but when the devils at your heels, you’ve got to hit the road running."

“My other albums were a delicious piece of pie, but this album is a bit more of an adventure. This album is a plate full of chicken wings covered in ghost peppers. You’ll go places on this album, this isn’t a meal, it is an experience.”