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The Sam Chase & the Untraditional - Great White Noise (CD)


New album, "Great White Noise" Compact Disc

Great White Noise refers to all of the voices at once, screaming at the tops of their lungs. It's every frequency at top volume. It is the constant stream of auditory bullshit from soapbox messiahs, corporate mouthpieces, apocalyptic fear mongers, plastic smiling partisan political hacks, and the uneducated millions who try to hang onto the few scraps thrown to them from the table of power. It is the roar of all of those voices melting together into a thick unintelligible soup we are all wading through. The Great White Noise It is the calming hiss, where no voice of hateful xenophobia, nor thoughtful voice of reason, can break through to the people who are trying so hard to listen. It is the hypnotic pendulum, swinging back and forth, making us sleepy... very, very sleepy.
The Great White Noise is the wolf in entertainments clothing, diverting us away from what really matters towards the jaws of intellectual castration and defenseless docility. If we look closely, and see what exists in between the frequencies of the Noise, we might be able to get a small glimpse of what we used to be and how this hinders our humanity, rather than allowing the Great White Noise to rewrite it.